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As a result of recent work in the public lighting sector, which is facing major technological changes with the advent of LEDs (light emitting diodes), we have formed a new specialist business, Strategic Lighting Partners Ltd, with lighting expert Bryan King.

We have run two international conferences, Road Lighting 2014 and 2015, to introduce the New Zealand market to the opportunities offered by LED street lighting and won a Public Relations Insitute of NZ award for the first event. We have launched an e-letter, Public Lighting Today, to bring the latest news in public lighting to the sector in New Zealand.

While the public lighting sector has been a recent focus for our consultancy services, we continue to offer advisory services in other sectors.

Publications and reports

We author and prepare a range of reports, publications and submissions in the course of our consultancy work. Much of this work is confidential. This is a selection of our work which is in the public domain.


The first commissioned reports to draw attention to the LED revolution:

pdf_30x30c0 Lighting the Way to Road Safety – A Policy Blindspot? 5 October 2012
This is a report presented to the Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference 2012.
With better road lighting, New Zealand could reduce its night-time road fatalities and injuries by 35%, saving 61 lives and 1,538 other road users from injury each year, and substantially reducing the estimated $1.2 billion annual cost to the country of night-time road deaths and injuries. (2.34mb)
pdf_30x30c0 Lighting the Way to Road Safety – A Policy Blindspot? PowerPoint Presentation in pdf
Powerpoint Presentation in pdf form on reducing crash injuries and fatalities by road lighting at the same time as substantial reduction of lifetime cost of ownership. (20.07mb)
pdf_30x30c0 Strategic Road Lighting Opportunities for New Zealand – A report commissioned by the NZ Transport Authority (NZTA).
This report examines the economic development opportunities for NZ through early adoption of new generation road lighting technologies, as well as the potential for safety improvements and for efficiencies that could substantially benefit both central and local government. – This is a big file (18.58mb)

The Centre for Housing Research (CHRANZ) corporate brochure.

pdf_30x30c0 Housing Research 2003-2008 and Beyond, Centre for Housing Research Aotearoa NZ (CHRANZ)(4.42mb)

In the spotlight

We are experienced in gaining media attention when it counts.



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